Remax West Realty Inc

When you first become a real estate agent, you have a choice about which real estate brokerage you want to work with. While that choice is one of the first, and arguably most important choices a real estate agent will have to make, making it was fairly easy for me; I chose Re/max.

When I was making my decision, I knew I wanted to work with a large and well-known brand that was really established in the real estate industry. I knew that having Re/max on my side would be a powerful partner for me because of their brand recognition, up-to-date industry training and market education, and large network and database of clients.

Why should you care which brokerage I work with? When you hire a real estate agent, you’re also hiring the brokerage that represents them, and Re/max is considered to be a leader in the real estate industry.

Re/max is consistently the most recognizable real estate brand in Canada, and year-over-year, Re/max agents are considered to be Canada’s most productive agents. Re/max agents are experienced, knowledgeable, and kept up-to-date on the market by having the opportunity to expand on their real estate education by taking part in exclusive programs and training opportunities provided only to them, and with more professional designations than any other real estate brand, it’s easy to see what sets Re/max agents apart from the rest. 

Re/max has constantly provided me with the opportunity to progress my career and become a better real estate agent every single day. As the saying goes, when you’re choosing a real estate agent, choose wisely: choose Re/max.

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