Still living in your old bachelor apartment from your college days? You’re just 8 simple questions away from figuring out what your Toronto dream home living arrangements should actually be.

All of the questions must be answered for the quiz to work, so if something doesn’t apply to you, just choose what makes the most sense.

Pick your favourite high school subject.

Pick your favourite holiday.

Pick your favourite wine.

Pick your favourite cheese.

Pick an exotic pet.

Pick an exotic food.

Pick your go-to social network.

What DON’T you like about where you live right now?

You got: Captain John’s Harbour Boat.

Ahoy matey! While the restaurant has closed down, you’ll still be able to enjoy the freedom of the high seas just steps from the downtown Toronto core.

You got: The top floor of the Trump Tower.

Luxury. Sophistication. Style. Nothing but the best will do for you.

You got: Drake’s Old Yorkville Condo.

You started from the bottom, now you’re here. Enjoy the view.

You got: The Casa Loma Castle.

Seriously. It's a castle! Welcome home your majesty.

Thanks for taking my quiz.

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