Getting Started

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I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to get into the real estate business over 15 years ago beginning in the mortgage industry. Working as a mortgage specialist for a large corporate bank gave me the opportunity to not only build initial experience in the real estate industry, but also to get a good look at the financing side of the real estate business. My passion for real estate was born almost immediately, and soon after that, I decided to take a chance and get a look at the sales side of the business by getting my license and becoming a real estate agent, and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve proudly worked my way up from the ground floor, learning, improving, and getting better each step of the way. Toronto real estate isn’t an easy business to succeed in at all, but I like to think that my honesty, integrity, and commitment to my clients has helped push me forward to not only help them successfully buy and sell properties, but also to form strong, long-lasting relationships with my clients.

My Goals

Unfortunately, some real estate agents have awful reputations as being cold, competitive, and a real pain to deal with. My goal is to change that reputation, beginning one client at a time.

As part of my commitment to change that reputation, you wont find me unavailable evenings and weekends, you won’t find me difficult to speak to or ask questions, you won’t find me preoccupied with other clients an not available to speak withy you, and you won’t find me being pushy just to make a sale. What you will find is me working with your best interests, at whatever time of day is necessary, through an open, honest line of communication to ensure we meet our goals together. I absolutely and firmly believe in us establishing at the beginning what your needs are and then working collectively to make sure our relationship is successful.

What I’ve Learned

What I’ve come to learn through my Toronto real estate career so far is simply this: it’s not just real estate that’s my passion; it’s the sincere satisfaction and warm feeling I get from helping my clients achieve exactly what it was they set out to do that makes up what my true passion is. With me, you’re never just a number or just a paycheque; you’re my client. And being my client is never something I take lightly.

Have any questions? Just ask. I’d love to help.

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