In the spirit of Halloween, I wanted to know about spirits and their connection to our homes. Have you ever thought there might be spirits living in your home? How can you tell? To answer that question, I reached out to renowned Medium and Psychic: Truly Medium. With a lifetime of experience as a teacher and lecturer, I thought she’d be the perfect person to help us find out:

Q: We always assume that spirits are in older homes, but can they be in newer homes as well?

A: Absolutely! Spirits can be attached to the land, not just homes. Spirits also have free will, so many of them come and go as they please. Spirits can attach themselves to people, places or things, but have a reason for doing so.

Q: If you take a picture in a house, and orbs pop-up in the picture, is that a spirit?

A: It can be. Sometimes its just what Photographers call ‘Backscatter’ deflection of radiation or particles. A Spirits natural form is that of an orb, but when they are trying to get our attention they usually make their presence known in other ways.

Q: Sometimes, when I am in an older home, I get goose bumps, and feel cold drift of air out of nowhere, would you say that’s a spirit?

A: No, it depends on the situation. It could be that you walked through an energy signature or energy portal, both of which are typically harmless.

Q: What should you do if you believe your house in haunted?

A: Quite literally ask them to leave! Spirits cannot stay where they are not welcome. I also suggest that you find someone with a similar faith or belief system as you to do an energy clearing or a blessing in the home.

Q: Are there certain places in homes that spirits tend to be?

A: Spirits like quiet or slower energies. That is why you typically find them in attics and basements. You will also feel or see Spirits in door ways, closets, mirrors or windows. These places have energy that is lighter and easier for them to shift.

Truly also wants you to know…

Because fear sells, the media over exaggerate or fabricate stories for profit surrounding houses being haunted. 99% of the time, when spirit is around, they are someone connected to you and are coming with love & positive energy.

Do you have your own experience with spirits? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I’ve heard that people’s biggest mistake is thinking they are there to hurt/harm you and in truth they only there for good reasons. Truly really knows her stuff; I’ve met her. Her wait list is a true example.

  2. My friend had passed away and right after he did I was seeing him in my dreams and talking to him like it was real. Is it just a mourning process or for real . I also See my grandparents sometimes and they have been dead for 20 years.

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