Toronto is a city divided into East and West by Yonge Street. Each side of the city is certainly different from the other. So which one are you better suited to live in? East or West Toronto? Get clicking below to find out.

All of the questions must be answered for the quiz to work, so if something doesn’t apply to you, just choose what makes the most sense.

Are you a born-and-raised Torontonian?

Are you currently renting the place you call home?

If you were to buy a house, would you be a first time home buyer?

Do you have any kids? Or are you expecting some soon?

Do you usually get along with your neighbours?

How does a day at the park sound?

How does a day at the beach sound?

Has anyone ever called you a hipster?

Was art your favourite subject in elementary school?

Would you choose going for a run outside over going to the gym?

Do you think West Queen West really is the second coolest street in the world?

You're More: East Toronto

You're easy-going, social, calm, and collective. Grabbing a coffee and kicking back on a park bench in Leslieville, The Danforth, or Queen East and doing some people watching sounds like a nice Saturday afternoon to you. You'd prefer a backyard evening in with friends and your neighbours and an early Sunday morning walk on the boardwalk in The Beaches than a night out at the clubs, but having a pint at a local pub with friends would suit you just fine too.

You're More: Somewhere in the Middle

You’re easy-going and collective, but you can also be outspoken depending on the topic and the occasion. You’d be just as happy walking your dog down the boardwalk in The Beaches early on a Sunday morning as you would out at a trendy Queen West bar way past last call and into the early morning hours. You know all about the latest festivals, art exhibits, and concerts, and whenever someone has a friend that’s visiting Toronto, they always want you to be the one to show them around.

You're More: West Toronto

You're outspoken, creative, and you like people to know it. You like big backyards and open spaces with plenty of room for you to park your SUV or to let your dog out for a run. Spending a day checking out The Polish Festival in Roncesvalles, The Queen West Art Crawl, or the latest exhibit at the ROM sounds just fine to you. You also know that keeping it local and shopping at any of the markets on Roncesvalles, Bloor West Village, or The Junction not only means getting some great food, but also that you're giving back to the vibrant community you call home.

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