People like stuff. But some people like too much stuff…

If you’re buying a house next to a hoarder, and you’re thinking about just ignoring the red flags of a hoarder living next door, then you’ll at least want to know some of the risks involved in doing so.

Here are 5 things you should worry about if you’re thinking of buying a house next to a hoarder:

5: Fire Hazards


Guess what? Saving up every newspaper since 1982 and having towering piles of them throughout the house is a serious fire hazard. Regardless of what is being collected, in almost all cases of hoarding, 1 little spark could set the whole thing up in flames, and if your house is close by and the conditions are right, it could easily spread.

4: Bugs

Cockroaches, ants, flies, bed bugs, take your pick. A lot of hoarder’s houses can have any one or all of these. If you live next door, they could make their way over to your house as well if you’re close enough. Even if they don’t, who wants to live next door to a house that has issues with bugs?.

3: Animals and Rodents


Cats are cute. But dozens of cats are less cute. Whether it’s a lot of cats, a few mice, or a small family of stray dogs, too many animals can cause havoc on homes, like chewing exposed wires or creating terrible smells. If you live close by, there isn’t far for them to go if they decide to get a change of scenery or they’ve outgrown their existing home.

2: Lifelong Neighbours

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Typically, since it’s such a huge job for them to pack and move, hoarders tend to stay in one place for a long time. Meaning, if you’re thinking about waiting it out until they move, they’ll probably outlast you.

1: Resale Value


Living next to a hoarder makes your home less appealing, which means that any potential buyers will probably offer less when you decide that you’ve had enough and you want to sell and move. Some people can overlook it, but a lot of people have a lot of trouble doing that.

Do you have your own experience about living next to a hoarder? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

Thanks for reading.

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